Course Descriptions Teacher Librarian (TL) Program

Degree Specific Credits: 21
Required Cumulative GPA: 2.75
Minimum Required Grade: C-
Note: This program of study can only be completed as a teaching minor for those pursuing a teaching major in another content area or as a teaching endorsement by currently licensed teachers. Preservice students must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program and complete all of the professional education licensure requirements. All courses are offered entirely online with LIBM 495 requiring 60 hours of supervised field experience.  Each Teacher Librarian course requires a field component and a minimum grade of C-. For more information check the following program websites below ;

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This online program is offered jointly through UM-Missoula and UM-Western, with courses taken from both institutions.

LIBM 461 Information Literacy, 3

Offered spring. Instructional techniques for teaching literacy skills, information retrieval, research, and lifelong learning; exploration of how curriculum is designed and how library instruction is integrated into the classroom; collaborative planning, methods of library instruction, and its assessment; development of an integrated unit; and creation of a school research process model.

LIBM 462 Youth Literature for Librarians, 3

Offered autumn even years and spring even years. Students will develop strategies for presenting fiction and non-fiction literature from the librarian's role as advocate of reading and collaborative co-teacher, encouraging children to cultivate a lifelong proclivity for reading for information and for pleasure; includes a focus on Indian Ed. for All.

LIBM 464 Reference Resources, 3

Offered autumn. This class focuses on the evaluation, selection, and use of basic reference resources.  It also contains teaching of media skills, information negotiation, search strategies, database use, and information services.  Instruction will include research, projects, and discussion.  Assessment will be based on participation, written assignments, activities, a major paper or bibliography, or a combination thereof.  Internet only.

LIBM 466 Libraries and Technology, 3 

Offered summer. Uses of digital technologies in all aspects of library operations, including cataloging and circulation, collection development, reference services, and administration.

LIBM 467 Collection Development and Cataloging, 4

Offered autumn. Students will develop policies and procedures for creating, maintaining and cataloging print and non-print materials in the school library.

LIBM 468 Administration and Assessment of Library Programs, 3

Odd Spring, Even Summer. Administrating and managing the school library space, materials, budget, and programs. Assessing the library program in terms of effectiveness, instructional collaboration, and district support, using state, regional and national guidelines for library programs and services.

LIBM 495 Practicum, 2

Offered spring and summer. Prerequisite: 16 credits in library and consent of instructor. Supervised field experience in selected phases of library operations, including assessment.

LIBM 491 Special Topics

Offered intermittently. Experimental offerings of visiting professors, experimental offerings of new courses, or one-time offerings of current topics.