Using the Library from Off-Campus 

The Lucy Carson Library is designed to be used from within the library building or from miles away. However, you must be a current student, staff or faculty member to access restricted library resources. The following information is provided to assist users who access the library from off-campus.

Catalog Searching
Users do not need to log-in to search the library catalog.  The library catalog contains the titles held by all of the libraries in the University of Montana system.  To search the library catalog from off-campus, go to the library homepage:   
Click on: Catalog

Enter a search term in the box.  In the drop-down menu on the right side, indicate whether the search term is a keyword, subject, author, title, or call number.  The drop-down box underneath the search box offers the options of searching all of the libraries at once or searching only one particular library collection.  An advanced search option is available from the library catalog page.  The advanced search option allows users to enter multiple search terms.  Advanced searching usually returns the most relevant titles.    


Users do need to log-in to access all of the electronic library resources, such as databases, journals, and electronic reserves.  To find the electronic resources, go to the library homepage:

Click on, “database,” “journal,” or “electronic reserve.”  Click on the specific database, journal, or electronic reserve to be accessed.  A log-in prompt will appear.  The correct username is the first name, followed by a period, followed by the last name.  

The correct password may be one of two numbers, depending on the date that the user originally registered to attend UM Western.  The password is either a social security number or a nine-digit number, beginning with 8000, that was assigned upon registration.   Distance students should receive this nine-digit 8000 number in the packet of materials they receive after registration.

For help finding the 8000 number, contact the UM Western Registrar’s office at 406-683-7215 or contact the following:

Diane Conover

Anne Kish

Edna Scalzone

Mike Schulz