The Carson Library provides wireless access for all patrons.

We offer wireless access to the internet over a majority of our campus to our student, faculty, staff and campus guests.

What network should you use? 

The UMW-Student wireless network is a password protected network reserved for students, faculty and staff. This network allocates more bandwidth to our students, faculty and staff to accomplish more intensive tasks like streaming video.

The UMW-Guest wireless network is open to anyone. This network is designed for less intensive internet connections and is only recommended to accomplish tasks like checking email.

Getting Connected 

To connect most devices to the UMW-Student wireless network students, faculty and staff should use the same username and password as you would for email and computer access on campus. If prompted to accept the certificate click continue/ok.

Some device have more complex configurations so we've created appropriate self-help guides:

For further instruction and other guides please see our technology guides located here.

For assistance and information.

Should you need assistance, please stop in at the help desk located on the 1 floor of the Swysgood Technology Center (STC) or call (406) 683-7777.